Funding Housing and Local Growth

New pamphlet published by The Smith Institute on ‘Funding Housing and Local Growth’, available from available from this link.  It calls for tax reforms and a national investment bank.


“How are we to double our rate of house building without fundamentally changing the delivery model? This pamphlet shows how by setting up a Municipal Investment Corporation (MIC), linked to the proposed British Investment Bank (BIB), appropriate sites and private investment can be mobilised in ways that will not only boost small businesses but also help cut energy and transport costs and pollution. This would achieve what people in all political parties have long argued – a system that looks toward the future, as well as takes account of externalities or wider considerations rather than simply profit and loss. Most people do not want growth at any price but smarter growth that leaves a richer legacy for future generations by linking new housing with jobs and infrastructure.”

About Ros Lishman

Ros Lishman is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics and Public Policy at De Montfort University.
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