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enhrProfessor Jo Richardson and Professor Michael Oxley presented a paper at the ENHR 2014 Conference, Housing Finance workshop, entitled ‘Boosting affordable UK housing supply through conditional object incentives: can comparative studies and knowledge exchange help us learn the lessons?’

A copy of the paper is available from this link.


This paper will explore the potential of alternative approaches to subsidising the delivery of affordable housing in the UK. Using evidencefrom two case-study countries:France and the USA the paper will examine the value of conditional object incentives that promote the supply of affordable rented housing. The aims and the outcomes of this approach will be critically assessed for potential lesson learning with an emphasis on the capacity of such incentives to deliver value for money with respect to output and affordability. The subsidies considered will include tax reductions and tax credits as used in France and the
USA.A key aspect of the paper is an analysis of the potential benefits and the possible hazards of a comparative research approach. This will draw on a process of ‘knowledge exchange’ utilised by the authors as part of an ESRC funded project during 2013. The paper will consider whether a conditional object incentive approach might work in the UK as an alternative, or an addition, to current supply and demand side support and whether (1) policy transfer, (2) innovation and (3) diffusion of such a policy can help to boost affordable housing supply. The potential benefits of such an approach will be outlined as well as the barriers to implementation.

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Ros Lishman is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics and Public Policy at De Montfort University.
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